Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space


This is a full-scale concert hall designed primarily for orchestral performances. It seats 1,999 people. The stage is large enough to accommodate a 120 piece orchestra with a 200 member choir, and has a 126-stop Garnier pipe organ installed at the rear center of the stage. During intermission, the wall directly underneath the organ opens out, giving guests a chance to view the roof garden from their seats. The lush green of the plants bathed in the garden's gentle lighting offer a relaxing break during exciting performances.

A outline of facilities of Concert Hall
Main function: Concerts
Seating capacity: 1,999 (including portable seats).
Space for 8 wheelchairs
Stage: Width 21m; Depth 12.6m; Height 20m
(room for 120-piece orchestra -c 200 member choir)
Stage equipment: Movable sound reflectors (ceiling only)
Pipe organ:
Renaissance (26 stops; 3 keyboards + pedals; 467Hz)
Baroque (37 stops; 3 keyboards + pedals; 415Hz)
Modern (63 stops; 5 keyboards + pedals; 442Hz)
Reverberation time: 2.2 seconds (when hall is full and orchestra
is in use)
Sound equipment: Output amplifier 16,800W
1 P.A. console, 1 recording console
Lighting equipment: Stage lights 374 circuits
House lights 12 circuits
1,OOO-setting memory control system
Dressing rooms: Conductor/soloists - 7 rooms
4 medium/larae dressing rooms

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THEATER Proscenium Stage Theater

This is a medium-sized hall that seats 841 people and can also be equipped with an orchestra pit for about 60 players. It is suitable for all sorts of stage performance, including full-scale dramatic productions, opera, ballet, and dance.
The main stage has a 28-stage lift, and the entire stage can also be tilted. There are side stages, Stage right and a re- volving stage that can be slid towards the center Stage left. This side stage can also be slid fuirther towards the audito- rium, the first of its kind in Japan.

A outline of facilities of the Theater
Main functions: Drama, opera, ballet, dance
Seating capacity: 841 (741 when orchestra pit is in use).
Space for 6 Wheelchairs
Width 14m; Height 9m
(when using stage devices: W/10m; H/7m)
Stage: Width 54m; Depth 20m; Height 20m
Stage equipment: Right and left side stages of same dimensions as main stage
1 primary lift (entire surface of main stage, width 12.6m,depth 10.8m, 4 sections)
28 secondary lifts (built into primary lift)
1 self-propelling wagon stage, W /12.6m, D/13.8m
1 revolving stage (built into wagon stage), diameter 10.8m
Orchestra pit - Width 15.5m, Depth 6.0m, Area 80 m'
Reverberation time: 1.0 seconds (when hall full)
Sound equipment: Output amplifier 22,700W
Lighting equipment: Stage lights 797 circuits
House lights 6 circuits
1,OOO-setting memory control system
Dressing rooms: 11

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The stage, while not fixed, can be set up according to de- sired specifications by assembling the loose panels which make up the floor. This also allows the possibility of thea- ter-in-the-round productions.
It is suitable for unconventional productions of drama, per- formances, mini-concerts, and so on, by both amateur and professional performers.

A outline of facilities of the Mini Theater 1
Main functions: Music, drama
Seating capacity: 300 (can be increased or decreased according to stage lay-out)
Stage: Assembled from 110 movable floor panels
(1m x 2m; movable in 20cm stages up to 80cm)
Stage equipment: Hanging spots 28
Reverberation time: 0.78 seconds (when hall full)
Sound equipment: Output amplifier 13,400W
P.A. console 1
Effects console 1
Lighting equipment:Stage lights 384 circuits
House lights 8 circuits
1,OOO-setting memory control system
Dressing rooms: 4

MINI THEATER 2 Thrust Stage

This is a small theater which seats 300 people, and is equipped with a thrust stage. The part that extends into the auditorium has a 4-stage lift. Its length can be changed or it can also be turned into an end stage.
In addition, the dimensions of the main stage can also be changed, with two lifts available at the front of the stage. It is suitable for small-scale dramatic productions.

A outline of facilities of the Mini Theater 2
Main functions: Drama
Seating capacity: 300 (pattern A), 220 (pattern B)
Proscenium: Width 9.0m; Height 4.5m
Stage equipment: Width 21m, Depth 5.2m, Height 9m
6 apron stage lifts teach 1.8m x 5.4m)
Drop curtain 1
Side curtain 1
Batons 13
Reverberation time: 0.72 seconds (when hall full)
Sound equipment:Output amplifier 5,700W
P.A. console 1
Lighting equipment: Stage lights 176 circuits
House lights 1 circuit
1,OOO-setting memory control system
Can be manually operated
Dressing rooms: 4


An elevator takes you from the atrium to the 2nd basement, where you will find six rehearsal rooms of various sizes ar- ranged around the central lobby. Regardless of whether one of the Halls is booked, these rooms can be hired independ- ently for rehearsals of drama, dance, orchestral works, and so on. Two of these rooms are fitted with sound engineering equipment, allowing them to double up as recording studios.

Outline of facilities of the Rehearsal Rooms
Large Rehearsal Room 246.5 m' (100 music stand chairs)
Medium Rehearsal Room 1 105.4 m' (40 music stand chairs)
Medium Rehearsal Room 2 75.0 m' (30 music stand chairs)
Medium Rehearsal Room 3 135.0 m' (50 music stand chairs)
Small Rehearsal Room 1 38.2 m' (10 music stand chairs)
Small Rehearsal Room 2 37.5 m' (10 music stand chairs]
Sound Engineering Room 1 19.3 m' (for Large Rehearsal Room)
Sound Engineering Room 2 10.2 m' (for Medium Rehearsal Rm 3)
Additional equipment: Orchestra set
Sound set


The Exhibition Gallery faces you at the far end of the 5th Floor plaza. The space can be freely partitioned by using the 20 suspended panels available. It is an ideal space for exhibiting works of art such as paintings, photographs, or sculptures.

A outline of the facilities of the Exhibition Gallery
Dimensions: 449.2 m' (width 23m, depth 17m)
Additional equipment: Display panels (16) 4,000 x 3,450 x 1 OOmm
Sound insulation panels(4) 4,260 x 3,600 x 1OOmm

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